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What does #GFDP mean??

As promised, we're going to be digging into the Barking with the Bradley's PEACE Philosophy this month. By the end of this read, you're going to know the meaning and spirit behind two acronyms that we hold near and dear to us.

Alton and I hired a business coach duo at the start of the year. Marriedpreneur Life challenged and encouraged us as entrepreneurs, all while keeping the health of our marriage and spiritual life at the forefront. It was an excellent experience, and we are thrilled to implement the gems we learned from them. One of which is really tapping into our goal for client experience. This brainstorming session, along with my personal experience as a dog mom, inspired us to create our brand new PEACE Philosophy (see snazzy infographic below). This is the blueprint to becoming a guilt-free dog parent (also known as #GFDP - there's your first acronym lesson) when you are time- and energy-limited.

Let's jump into what we offer our BwB subscription package holders.

The P is for Partnership. The anchor of this philosophy is the Annual Wellness Plan that we’ll work together to create based on the measurable, wellness goals you have for your pup. After initial goal-setting, we'll be checking in on a quarterly basis for your Paws for Care calls to track our progress.

E is for enrichment exercises. Walks are great for your dog's physical health, but since most dogs were bred for a specific job, playing off of these strengths can help with their mental wellbeing. Some examples of this are lick mats, puzzle toys, and scent work.

A is for actively reinforce. Whether you’re working with a dog trainer or have certain commands you taught your pup, we’d want to be another opportunity for your star pupil to practice with a different handler and with different distractions encountered during our visit. Some of our dog care providers currently do this, but we’ll be adding a reinforcement tracker update to your profile for your reference. Check out last month's blog post for an example of how we can work together to improve leash manners.

C is for Care Team. The major trifecta is you, us, and your vet. If there are other care providers, such as acupuncturists, trainers, animal behaviorists, etc., then we’d love for them to get involved as well. The goal here is to create a holistic approach to your pup’s care. We want to know things like if they’ve been given dietary restrictions, experienced injuries/illness, undergoing behavior modifications, so that we can take all of this into consideration when tailoring our care.

Lastly, E is what we want you to experience after partnering with us. Enjoying life with your pup(s) with less stress, less guilt, and more PEACE.

What's standing in the way of you becoming a guilt-free dog parent? Partner with someone who is as obsessed with your dog as you are and let us be a part of the solution.

Well wishes & puppy kisses,



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