My husband, Alton, and I were inspired by our lovable rescue, King, to ensure other pet owners could have the same confidence we look for when it comes to pet care providers. From birth, there has always been a dog in the house, so the connection is just organic. Even though I am a part-time dog walker, I am certainly a full-time dog lover. In addition to meeting wonderful dogs, one of my favorite parts about this job, is the amazing people it has led me to meet. When I'm not spoiling your furbaby, I enjoy traveling and spending time with loved ones.



Walker | Sterling

Hello! I am a pet owner and animal lover. I have always had pets growing up as a child, and there has always been a special place in my heart for animals. I just love taking care of them! We currently have a golden retriever/ German shepherd mix that we rescued from New Mexico. I enjoy meeting different kinds of animals and getting to know their personalities. 



Walker & Groomer | Virginia Beach

Hi, Blake here! I am a Texas-born, Virginia-raised, animal enthusiast. I have always shared my life with a dog by my side. It was only recently that I became a mom to a rescued leopard gecko, bearded dragon and, dare I say, two kittens that bring me joy. I didn’t think I would have after losing my English bulldog, Minnie. So now, because dogs just make life better, I spend my days providing them with the best care possible and ensuring your pups look their best. I look forward to meeting you and for the chance to pamper your pups. 



Walker & Sitter | Virginia Beach

Hello, I am a dog owner and animal lover. I have always had dogs growing up as a child, and there has always been a special place in my heart for all animals. I just love working with them! My wife and I currently have two Doberman Pinchers. A female named Remi and a male named Ares. I enjoy meeting/playing with different kinds of animals and try to understand how they think and process things. 

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Walker & Sitter | Sterling

My name is Janet, and I am so happy to be part of the BwB team!  I have a lifetime of experience being around animals, and understand how stressful it can be when life commitments separate you from your pet.  I am experienced in caring for pets with dietary restrictions, medical conditions, anxiety, and special needs.  My family and I raised or cared for a variety of dog breeds ranging from toy breeds, like Pomeranians, to large breeds, like Coonhounds, and even an Akita.

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After buying our first puppy together (King), Akira and I met a lot of our friends at dog parks and puppy play dates. During this time, we would assist friends with dog sitting and walking. That's when the love and passion grew, taking care of other people's dogs and showering them with love. I have always had a passion for dogs and grew up with them as a child. I love working with different breeds and getting to know each one and learning more about them- “it’s like making a new friend with four paws!” I hope to ensure that every pet is left healthy and happy, so their owner doesn’t have to worry. They can know that their pet is being cared for when they are gone. Other than working with dogs, I have a strong interest in weightlifting and spending time with family.



Walker | Sterling

I’m excited to join the BwB team and am looking forward to meeting and caring for some new furry friends! We currently have 2 rescue dogs that are an integral part of our family.  I’ve grown up with dogs and have always appreciated how they add so much love and joy to any home. Joining this team is a great fit for me because with my afterschool tutoring business I have time midday to devote to walking and playing with your pups. Can’t wait to meet them!



Walker | Virginia Beach

Hello. My name is Melissa. I have been a pet sitter/dog walker for over 6 years now. All of my life I grew up with dogs, cats, fish, or turtles here and there. I enjoy helping take care of families' fur babies when they need to be away. I have helped take care of cats, dogs, guinea pigs, fish, and even a chicken and raccoons. I am also involved with animal rescue. I help local rescues bottle-feed newborn kittens, foster them, and help them find their forever homes. I look forward meeting new families and their furbabies. 



Walker & Sitter | Virginia Beach

Hi everyone! My name is Alison, and I am excited to meet you! I am a furbaby mama of two and a full-time student. My husband and I enjoy spending all our free time with our two crazy Dobermans, Remi and Ares. From hiking to boating to cuddling on the couch, we do everything with our babies. As a psychology student and dog owner, I truly believe in classical conditioning! Once your furbaby gets to know me, when they see my face and hear my voice they will know that happiness and fun are sure to come! I look forward to working with you and keeping your pups happy and active while staying safe! 

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Walker & Sitter | Virginia Beach

Hello! I am so excited to show my passion for animals. I have always loved animals and have always felt connected to them. I love seeing how unique they are in their own little personalities. I’m aspiring to start a career in zoology, and my fiancé and I have many pets of our own, including our rescue cat, Bleu. I’m glad to be a part of the BwB team and look forward to meeting and caring for more families' fur babies!