My husband, Alton, and I were inspired by our lovable rescue, King, to ensure other pet owners could have the same confidence we look for when it comes to pet care providers. From birth, there has always been a dog in the house, so the connection is just organic. Even though I am a part-time dog walker, I am certainly a full-time dog lover. In addition to meeting wonderful dogs, one of my favorite parts about this job, is the amazing people it has led me to meet. When I'm not spoiling your furbaby, I enjoy traveling and spending time with loved ones.



Walker | Sterling

Hello! I am a pet owner and animal lover. I have always had pets growing up as a child, and there has always been a special place in my heart for animals. I just love taking care of them! We currently have a golden retriever/ German shepherd mix that we rescued from New Mexico. I enjoy meeting different kinds of animals and getting to know their personalities. 



Walker & Sitter | Virginia Beach

Welcome, I’m Lorraine. I’m here to serve you and your sweet fur babies. My two, Arïes and Pretti, have opened my eyes to an adventure and love of a lifetime in just a few short years. With the seriousness that comes with being an analyst, I enjoy having fun and experiencing this world from a new perspective. I’m committed to creating a safe environment that works best for your pup. Here’s to leashed exploration! Outside of walking, I enjoy dancing, the ocean and rich relationships.

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Walker & Sitter | Sterling

From the age of four, animals would follow me wherever I would go, like the saying goes the more the merrier and every kind of pet was welcome! In my personal life and pet sitting career, I've cared for almost every type of domestic animal you can think of: dogs, horses, cats, hamsters, frogs, turtles, fish and birds...not all at the same time of course!  I love to educate myself on each animal and breed to understand the care they need. 

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After buying our first puppy together (King), Akira and I met a lot of our friends at dog parks and puppy play dates. During this time, we would assist friends with dog sitting and walking. That's when the love and passion grew, taking care of other people's dogs and showering them with love. I have always had a passion for dogs and grew up with them as a child. I love working with different breeds and getting to know each one and learning more about them- “it’s like making a new friend with four paws!” I hope to ensure that every pet is left healthy and happy, so their owner doesn’t have to worry. They can know that their pet is being cared for when they are gone. Other than working with dogs, I have a strong interest in weightlifting and spending time with family.



Walker | Sterling

I’m excited to join the BwtB team and am looking forward to meeting and caring for some new furry friends! We currently have 2 rescue dogs that are an integral part of our family.  I’ve grown up with dogs and have always appreciated how they add so much love and joy to any home. Joining this team is a great fit for me because with my afterschool tutoring business I have time midday to devote to walking and playing with your pups. Can’t wait to meet them!



Walker & Sitter | Sterling

Hello! My name is Bridget, and I’m a rising sophomore at Virginia Tech. As an owner of two young dogs, I understand the energy and care needed to make sure your pets have an amazing experience. I look forward to meeting you!



Walker & Sitter | Virginia Beach

Hospitality is my specialty. I have been a dog owner since the age of six, and I believe that pets are family. As a psychology student, I believe the use of positive reinforcements is beneficial in gaining a dog's trust and companionship.


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