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My husband, Alton, and I were inspired by our lovable rescue, King, to ensure other pet owners could have the same confidence we look for when it comes to pet care providers. From birth, there has always been a dog in the house, so the connection is just organic. Even though I am a part-time dog walker, I am certainly a full-time dog lover. In addition to meeting wonderful dogs, one of my favorite parts about this job, is the amazing people it has led me to meet. When I'm not spoiling your furbaby, I enjoy traveling and spending time with loved ones.


Rachel M.


Hello! I am a pet owner and animal lover. I have always had pets growing up as a child, and there has always been a special place in my heart for animals. I just love taking care of them! We currently have a golden retriever/ German shepherd mix that we rescued from New Mexico. I enjoy meeting different kinds of animals and getting to know their personalities. 



Walker & Sitter

Hi there!  My name is Carey, and I have always had dogs and cats of my own from as far back as I can remember. Pets are an integral part of my family; my dogs and cats are my kids!! I have had all sorts of dogs from Gordon Setters, Border Collies, Hound dogs, Lab mixes and Rottweilers too! My husband and I recently adopted two cats…the cats certainly keep my husband & I on our toes as they are quite mischievous!!
I have been working in the animal profession for almost my entire career! I begin working at an animal hospital when I was a teenager and have remained at the same practice for over 25 years. I worked in almost every role from a vet assistant to a technician and now a manager. Taking care of pets is what I’ve always done and what makes my heart happy - I can’t imagine ever doing anything different! I’m so happy to be a part of the be BwB team and look forward to meeting you & your furry kids!



Client Care Representative

Behind many smooth-sailing businesses, you’ll find me, their virtual assistant and secret sauce. With more than 20 years of experience in the customer service and finance industries, I have mastered the art of multitasking, project management, and time management – the three things that prevent most business owners from realizing their full potential. My administration company, A Happy Monday, provides BwB with a grade-A administration experience. Less busy work for them means more time to focus on providing you and your wonderful furbabies with top-notch care. 


Need your time back?

Connect with me on Instagram @ahappymondayva, via email at,

or visit 

and book a virtual assistant consultation.



Hiring Advisor 

After dedicating decades to adjudicating for the government, I'm excited to use my skills to help ensure that all Barking with the Bradley's team members are an extension of what the brand embodies. I've been around dogs for most of my life, but my passion for them has grown over time. Now that I'm retired, I hope to spend more time volunteering at the Chesapeake Animal Services and spoiling my grandpuppies.

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Hello! I am an avid animal lover. I have had dogs my whole life, and I started walking and sitting for friends and neighbors when I was still in elementary school and worked professionally as a dog walker and sitter from April of 2016 until August of 2019. After completing my master’s degree in public history, I realized I no longer wanted to be tied to a desk and decided to return to my passion: working with animals! I strive to make sure every pet I visit feels safe and loved and I will take care of them just as if they were my own. Whether your dog weighs 10 pounds or 110 pounds, they are all good girls and boys, and they will receive the attention and affection they deserve!

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Walker & Sitter & LA Growth Ambassador

Hello! I am so excited to show my passion for animals. I have always loved animals and have always felt connected to them. I love seeing how unique they are in their own little personalities. I’m aspiring to start a career in zoology and photography. I’m glad to be a part of the BwB team and look forward to meeting and caring for more families fur babies! 



Walker & Sitter

 My name is Habiba, and as a proud pet parent to one cat and a dog, I've been raising pets for over 13 years and even rescued injured dogs and cats. I have helped them recover and find warm and loving homes. Growing up, I had five adorable cats who were a significant part of my life. Moreover, I worked as a full-time intern at the Ohio Humane Society in the summer of 2020, where I had the opportunity to rescue and care for abandoned animals and help them find new homes. I work remotely, so my schedule is flexible, and I am happy to work around your needs. You can trust me to treat your furry friend and home with the utmost care and respect. I will ensure your home is clean and tidy and your pets are happy, healthy, and well-cared for!



Walker & Sitter

Hello! I'm Rosie, a dedicated animal enthusiast and entrepreneurial spirit. Since the age of 13, I've immersed myself in the world of pet-sitting and house-sitting, blending my love for animals with business acumen. With experience in the veterinary field, I've nurtured a profound commitment to ensuring the well-being of pets. My passion for customer service and animal care is unwavering. Given the chance, I'm eager to extend my heartfelt dedication to your beloved furry companion, promising diligence and tender care in every moment.

Alton and King.jpg



After buying our first puppy together (King), Akira and I met a lot of our friends at dog parks and puppy play dates. During this time, we would assist friends with dog sitting and walking. That's when the love and passion grew, taking care of other people's dogs and showering them with love. I have always had a passion for dogs and grew up with them as a child. I love working with different breeds and getting to know each one and learning more about them- “it’s like making a new friend with four paws!” I hope to ensure that every pet is left healthy and happy, so their owner doesn’t have to worry. They can know that their pet is being cared for when they are gone. Other than working with dogs, I have a strong interest in weightlifting and spending time with family.

Headshot - Sileo.jpg


Walker & Sitter

My name is Janet, and I am so happy to be part of the BwB team!  I have a lifetime of experience being around animals, and understand how stressful it can be when life commitments separate you from your pet.  I am experienced in caring for pets with dietary restrictions, medical conditions, anxiety, and special needs.  My family and I raised or cared for a variety of dog breeds ranging from toy breeds, like Pomeranians, to large breeds, like Coonhounds, and even an Akita.

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Hi! I am excited to be a part of the BwB team and care for your animal. I am a customer who loved and appreciated what the BwB team was doing and wanted the opportunity to share the same level of care I experienced for your furry family member. I grew up with animals and have always loved dogs.


Rachel K.

Graphic Design Consultant

Hi! I am a pet lover and poodle owner. As someone who has always had dogs, I am very experienced in caring and loving pets. For some background, I am a creative advertiser working on my master's degree in graphic design. In my spare time, I like to take my poodle (Stevie) on walks or I am doing some sort of visual art. 



Walker & Sitter

Hello my name is Sharon! I am a pet lover. I have always had pets in my life. Currently, I have 2 dogs and 2 cats. Our most recent addition is Leroy Jethro Gibbs. He is a dachshund/german shepherd mix!! We rescued  him from a shelter in West VA. I have been working with dogs and cats for many years and love it very much. I feel that animals aren't just pets, they are part of our families.



Online Marketing Manager

Hi I'm Kassie, and I've understood dogs better than humans for as long as I can remember! With three years experience working in a pet hotel, I got to work with countless pet types, breeds, sizes, needs, personalities, and backgrounds. From how to handle different behaviors to dietary restrictions, I'm well-versed in being able to provide the care your pet needs to ensure they stay happy and healthy! 



Walker & Sitter

Hi everyone! My name is Jazmin, and I am a huge animal lover! I’m currently a student at Laurel Ridge Community College studying education. Since I was little, I’ve grown up with all kinds of animals, and they have a huge special place in my heart. Animals are my happy place. They make me happy when I’m sad and always seem to know how to make me smile on a bad day. Other than growing up with all kinds of animals my whole life, I’ve been animal-sitting for many years now for friends and family members. I am so excited to be with the BwB team and can’t wait to give your furry babies all the love and cuddles!



Walker, Boarder, & Sitter

Hi I’m Katie! I’m new to the team with a passion to take care of your pet like you do! I understand it’s not easy leaving your pet and know the importance of treating your beloved dog or pup with the same love and attention as you. I love taking photos and capturing moments and memories of your fur baby so you don’t miss anything. 

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Walker & Sitter

Hello! My name is Joy, and I am always eager to meet new furry friends! After working at a Doggie Day Camp, I have experienced a wide variety of dog personalities, and learned to love them all. I am committed to making sure every pup gets the attention and care it deserves, and that your homes are treated with respect. In my free time, I like to do art and play games with my family. My family has a dog named Brie, who we love very much.

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