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Taking your Dog to School

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

It’s August! As summer comes to an end, the school season is approaching. Those helpful little hands who walk your pup or keep them company during the day will be back in class, but don't worry...we are here to step in.

One pillar of the Barking with the Bradley's PEACE Philosophy (more on this next month) is to actively reinforce your pup's training! Are you working on particular tricks and commands with your pup? Let us know, so we can practice when we are with them. We are also more than happy to help with the basics of leash training, but it's essential that we partner with you for consistency along the way.

Training your pups improves their confidence and the bond between the two of you. Old dogs CAN learn new tricks, and dogs are always learning! That’s why keeping your dog’s brain stimulated through training benefits the whole family.

Here are a few leash training tips you can put into practice in between Barking with the Bradley's home visits:

  • Try to keep your communication with your dog clear, concise, and calm. They are excited and still learning what you expect from them.

  • If your dog is a puller, try a 6-foot leash and front-clip harness! There are many options when it comes to walking tools and most can be effective depending on the situation. However, these tools are especially great for pups that pull and keep everyone safer during leash training.

  • Shorter, non-retractable leashes help you to leverage the use of leash pressure. If your dog continues to pull on a leash, stop and refuse to keep going in the dog’s desired direction until they come back to you or release the pulling.

  • Reward checking in! Every time your dog looks up at you or stops and looks back at you, reward this behavior with a treat and/or verbal praise.

Adding a reputable dog trainer to your dog's care team can be very valuable if you feel like you are hitting a wall with training. This should be seen as an investment in your pup's wellness that can pay off in terms of general safety, less stress for you both, and an enhancement in your relationship with your dog. We gave this advice to one of our team members. Rachel took the advice and committed to a month of working with a dog trainer.

Major takeaways: Be consistent. Never give up teaching your pups. Enlist a professional when you need it. In the meantime, we will be there to do our part.

Well wishes & puppy kisses,



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