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Nailed It!

One of the most common points of feedback we received from the BwB client surveys was the desire to add nail trims and/or grooming services. Since that wasn't a road we wanted to go down ourselves at this time, we figured it could be a great way to partner with another small business, while also continuing to meet our clients' dog care dreams. Where did that land us?

A dog walker and pawdicurist walk into a bar...

...You may be waiting for the punchline, but it's actually what happened.

I recently met up with Alicia of Pawfect, LLC and the business genius, Renee Ventrice. We put our brains together and realized opportunities to meet client needs. While I knew BwB clients were interested in nail services, I was surprised to find out how beneficial more walks are in relation to nail care. A dog's nails will naturally wear down when taking them for walks. I asked Alicia why this was important and here's what she had to say:

Comfort! When the nails are long, they can curl under and sometimes even go into the paw pad making it painful to walk, run, and play. In an attempt to relieve the pain, your dog will now adjust their posture making them shift weight and causing discomfort in their legs, hips, and back!

Healthy Structure. Overgrown nails can also affect the bones, muscles, joints, and other tissues in their feet which may cause long term problems.

Reduce the risk of injury! When the nails are too long they can potentially be torn, split, or ripped off when walking or running.

Keeping your dog mobile and walking them 2-3 times a day will help keep them maintained. After the nail trim and grind is finished, the quick is exposed, so it’s crucial that they are walked more often to help push that quick back, resulting in shorter nails each time!

We want your dog to take advantage of these benefits.

Don't have enough time to walk your dog 2-3 times a day? You're in the right place, my friend. Pawfect clients who contact Barking with the Bradley's and tell us that Alicia sent you will get 15% off your first dog walk. Of course we're throwing in a BwB exclusive as well. All of our lovely BwB clients will get 15% off their first Pawfect service (just tell her that I sent you). In addition (based on schedule availability), we could arrange for a Pawfect nail trim during your dog's BwB visit. Please message me if you are interested in this convenient option.

On a scale from 1 to 4 paws, how would you rate your dog's nail health? If it's not a raving 4, leave any questions or concerns you have about your dog's nails below. We'd love to help!

Well wishes & puppy kisses,



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