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The Obligatory Gratitude Post

November is about giving thanks, so there is no way that I could get out of this month without writing an obligatory gratitude blog post...even if I'm sliding in last minute. That is all thanks to Flu A by the way. I'm a little behind schedule since I decided to take some time away to rest and recover. So, the first thing that I'm thankful for is the health of myself and my husband. Man, do I take that for granted way too often. We are so blessed to have been restored to full health. During that time, my mom was visiting and having her caring soul around to help around the house and with the dogs was also something to be thankful for. In addition, everyone that extended "get well"s made us feel very loved. Thank you!

Now, to turn my attention to the business. First of all, to have clients that find value in what I pour my passion into is UNREAL. I will forever be grateful for that. Secondly, a career flexible enough to have even explored entrepreneurship as a side hustle is something that I don't take lightly either. And as flexible at it is, BwB still wasn't able to grow without the help of our team members due to my full-time commitment to my career (more on this next month). The size and makeup of the team has switched up a little, but some of the best people in the business have graced our team with their time. As a small business, our reputation carries so much weight. We try our best to hire those who reflect our values (maybe I'll explore some of those hiring lessons learned in a future post). The team members we have now are reliable, self-starters with a true love for dogs. Thank you thank you thank you for believing in our business enough to devote so much of yourselves to help us succeed! I remember researching W2 employees versus 1099 independent contractors. After ensuring that the 1099 model was legal (in the state of Virginia dog walking is actually one of acceptable 1099 contractors), one of the main points that I kept seeing was how having W2 employees ensured more team loyalty. It soon became apparent that loyalty is based more so on the person than the position. I cannot thank you guys enough for the pride you take in your work.

Well wishes & puppy kisses,



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