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In Celebration of Mother's Day

This is far from breaking can be hectic and "momming" is a taxing job. We're many days past Mother's Day and National Dog Mom's Day, but I hope your memories of being showered with love and appreciation for all you do isn't too distant of a memory. I've got an idea for a gift that it will never be late for. Grace.

If you're like me, then much of your time consists of working through a to-do list. Take a look at your list. I'm sure there's something on there that doesn't really NEED to be completed today. Scratch off, delete, or erase one of those for today and move it to another day's list. To be honest, that's why this blog post is coming to you now as opposed to earlier this week.

"Publish blog post" was moved from day to day until I had the space to complete it, and I didn't stress about it. I gave myself grace. It in turn gave me a sense of freedom to commit more time to things that were of greater importance, like having an undistracted conversation with my husband and playing a game of tug-o-war with our dogs. I think we should all give this gift more often, but just start by selecting one task in celebration of Mother's Day.

I'm curious to know what is your one task that is getting the boot on today's to-do list?

Well wishes & puppy kisses,



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