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Getting out with your Bestie

Life is meant for experiences, and we know you don't want your best friend missing out on them. When it comes to hiking and other outdoorsy activities, taking along your dog has become common. It’s easy enough to find a plethora of trails in dog friendly parks (just beware of the plants we listed in last month's post). When you’re not in the mood to trek through the woods however, it can sometimes become difficult to find new places to explore and experience with your furry companions. Here are some local establishments you may not have known are pet friendly.

Note: Depending on the day and time, you are likely to see a different amount of people and dogs, so please take this into consideration for reactive pups. While positive exposure is beneficial, you want to avoid over-stimulating.

Looking for a date night spot?

History buff? Be sure when it comes to preserving history to check the website for exactly which parts of the property dogs are allowed.

Looking for a little road trip or a weekend getaway? 

  • Maybe the Norfolk Botanical Gardens are for you! They have “Dog Days” to bring along your pet to see their beautiful plant life. Just check their calendar to see when these days are scheduled.

  • Check out for tons of other pet-friendly activities around the state!

We'd love to hear about your experiences at these places and any others that we may have missed in the comments below.

Well wishes & puppy kisses,



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