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4 Alexa Skills that Your Dog Wanted Me to Tell You About

Voice-activated technology can make life easier for us. Just think of that time when you needed to set an oven timer for your branzino, but your hands were covered in olive oil. But have you ever thought about how it could make life easier for your dog too? Here are 4 Amazon Alexa features that can do just that.

1. Calm My Dog

This one is very high up on our most-used feature list in the Bradley household. The classical music is soothing for most pups. It even calms my thoughts to help get me in a better headspace to interact with our boys. The music also helps to drown out other sounds that may trigger a nervous dog.

2. Puppy Jams

This is another music skill, with a little more flair. You'll be asked to provide your dog's mood and a playlist will kickoff to match it. Dance like only your dog is watching!

3. Bark Detection Routine

Alexa has a special sound detection feature for noises like crying babies and barking dogs. This feature can be utilized to setup a routine such as playing calming music or sending you a message when it detects your dog's barks.

4. Sunrise/Sunset Routine

For this one, you'll need smart lighting paired with your device. We are often asked by our clients to turn on and off specific lights for their dogs during morning and evening visits. With this routine, you can set the time and days that you want light actions triggered to turn off when natural light floods into your home in the morning and to illuminate the house at night.

Let me know your dog's favorite Alexa feature in the comments.

Well wishes & puppy kisses,



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