Kono's Chicken & Chicken Liver Treats (4oz)
  • Kono's Chicken & Chicken Liver Treats (4oz)

    As dog parents, we're constantly multi-tasking. So are Kono's Chicken & Chicken Liver Treats. Our treats multi-task by keeping your dog healthy and motivated to train.

    For each bag of treats sold, we donate 10% of the profits to the medical costs of a featured rescue pup each month. So Kono's Chicken & Chicken Liver Treats keep your dog healthy, motivate them to train, AND save lives - all before some people even get out of bed.


    Key Nutrients:

    * No More Four Eyes

    Chicken liver is rich in Vitamin A, which supports vision health. Go ahead, cancel your dog's vision insurance.

    * Taste of Freedom

    Cage-free protein for increased energy and healthy muscle development.

    * Disaster Relief Team

    Essential fatty acids to rebuild cells damaged from illnesses.


    Chicken, chicken liver, natural mixed tocopherols (types of vitamin E)