Kono's Beef & Beef Liver Treats (4oz)
  • Kono's Beef & Beef Liver Treats (4oz)

    If dogs could talk, we're pretty sure they'd tell us how lucky they are to be living such great lives with you. If only they could give back somehow, they'd say.

    For each bag of treats sold, we donate 10% of the profits to the medical costs of a featured rescue pup each month. So when your dogs are asking you for Kono's Beef & Beef Liver treats, they're really saying they want to contribute to Milo's torn ACL. What good dogs they are.


    Key Nutrients:

    *Eat Liver For a Healthy Liver

    Vitamin A supports liver, lung, AND kidney health - no wonder it's the first vitamin of the alphabet.

    B Vitamins Boost

    *Regulate energy metabolism for fewer Sluggish Sundays.


    *Iron is the shipping service that synthesizes hemoglobin to deliver oxygen from your dog's lungs to its tissues.


    Beef, beef liver, natural mixed tocopherols (types of vitamin E)